The term "Adminbussing" is often used to describe what happens when an admin decides to organize an event without the consent of the players but can also refer to Admins creating a player-helped event. These do not happen very often but upon occasion can be a disaster, adminbussing usually occurs on rounds that are going very slow OR Extended rounds. If you have a complaint the friendly administration will be happy to deal with it, but if that doesn't whet your desire for vengeance the Forum is an apt place for it and you will often be sent there as a result.

Contact Cody by Skype if you wish to talk to him about the current staff. His Skype name is Cody744

Examples of bussing:

  • Making people gib(Careful with those prayers, kiddies)
  • Cats. Cats everywhere.
  • Mass spawn of Doom monsters(Courtesy of Sanprince)
  • Deathsquad
  • Santa
  • Batman
  • Santa vs. Batman
  • Mass editing everyone's brainloss to 600 so the ship is full of gibering retards
  • Building a wall of spess carp
  • Dresses for everyone
  • Activating the "dud" nuke
  • Wizard free for all

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