This page will be for any general announcements you need to make. Usually important things. Once an announcement becomes old/unneeded, remove it.


In other words, learn to format your headers properly. If you're starting another section on your page, select HEADER 2. This automatically adds the line beneath your words, and defines the words below it as a new section.

Crow. 23:13, December 20, 2011 (UTC)


Hi, I've created a few templates for us to use that are quite useful. The first being Template:Merge and the second is Template:Jobs. The use for Merge is on the page, and the use for Jobs is not described, but if you don't know, just look on one of the Job pages (At the bottom.)

Bobbahbrown 04:10, December 21, 2011 (UTC)


REMEMBER TO PROTECT YOUR BLOODY PAGES. If you don't want a random player to run rampant through your carefully constructed article, PROTECT IT by clicking the Arrow next to edit, and selecting PROTECT.


Try to refrain from uploading redundant pictures. Also, when you upload a picture try uploading it under the actual name of what it is. Makes it easier to find things! Also, try to take the best photos you can. A picture of JUST the room you want would be better than it, and the surrounding rooms. Learn to crop!

Editing an editor's writings

If you want to change someone else's information to have another meaning, or erase it entirely and put something different. Then TALK to that editor first about it. Being an administrator here doesn't mean you're free to do whatever to anyone's pages.

But you are still free to add onto pages