Welcome to Chemistry


A Chemist

Like I said, Welcome. You've just been accepted for one of the most coveted jobs on the station. Chemist is a job with mixed responsibilities, and the station has a high-demand for chemicals you can make. It's your job to make these chemicals and deliver them as you see fit. But remember, your boss is the CMO and the RD! If they tell you to do something, DO IT!

So what can I make?

To get the chemical plasma, you have to insert it into the reagent grinder and have a beaker attached. Then turn on the grinder, and you will have 20 units of plasma. You'll find solid plasma in your lab on top of a table.

  • Carpotoxin comes from spess carp! Get a slab of carp meat and put it in the reagent grinder

The Resulting Chemical Ingredients Needed Description
Alkysine Chlorine + Nitrogen + Anti Toxin Repairs brain damage.
Anti Toxins (Dylovene) Silicon+ Potassium + Nitrogen Heals toxin damage.
Arithrazine Hyronalin + Hydrogen Treats severe radiation poisoning.
Bicaridine Carbon + Inaprovaline Treats brute damage.
Chloral Hydrate Censored Powerful sleep toxin. Deadly in high doses.
Clonexadone Cryoxadone + Sodium + Plasma Heals the damage done by cloning\metroids.
Cryoxadone Dexalin + Water + Oxygen Heals all damage in cold environments.
Cryptobiolin Potassium + Oxygen + Sugar Causes confusion and dizziness.
Dexalin Oxygen + Plasma (Catalyst) Treats suffocation damage.
Dexalin Plus Dexalin + Carbon + Iron Treats severe suffocation damage.
Ethylredoxrazine Oxygen + Carbon + Anti Toxin Eliminates alcohol in blood stream.
Flash powder Potassium + Aluminum + Sulfur Same effect as a flashbang.
Glycerol Cornoil + Sulphuric acid Get cornoil from the chef.
Hyperzine Sugar + Phosphorous + Sulfur Makes you run faster.
Hyronalin Radium + Antitoxin Treats radiation poisoning.
Inaprovaline Oxygen + Carbon + Sugar Stabilizes a person in critical state.
Imidazoline Carbon + Hydrogen + Anti Toxin Cures blindness(Not always.)
Impedrezene Mercury + Oxygen + Sugar Narcotic that causes brain damage.
Kelotane Carbon + Silicon Heals burn damage.
Leporazine Silicon + Copper + Plasma Stabilizes body temperature.
Lexorin Censored Temporarily stops breathing.
Mutagen (unstable) Radium + Phosphorous + Chlorine Mutates your DNA, usually bad!
Napalm Aluminum + Plasma + Sulphuric Acid Makes a flaming ball of fire.

Glycerol+ Sulphuric Acid +

Polytrinic acid

Makes a strong, but small explosion.
Polytrinic Acid Censored Powerful acid. Melts things.
Ryetalyn Arithrazine + Carbon Rids of all genetic mutations.
Silicate Aluminum + Silicon + Oxygen Reinforces windows, good in grenades.
Small Explosion Water + Potassium Makes small boom.
Smoke Potassium + Sugar + Phosphorous Creates a cloud of smoke on the spot.
Spaceacillin Cryptobiolin + Inaprovaline A space antibiotic.
Space Drugs Sugar + Lithium + Mercury Makes you high. Legally too!
Space Lube Censored Slips ANYONE no matter what.
Sterilizine Ethanol + Chlorine + Antitoxin Sterilizes wounds before surgery.
Synaptizine Sugar + Lithium + Water No general function. Cures some diseases.
Thermite Aluminum + Iron + Oxygen Burns down walls if welder applied.
Tricordrazine Inaprovaline + Anti Toxins Heals the 4 basic damage types. Slowly.
Zombiepowder Carpotoxin + Sleep Toxin + Copper Makes the victim appear dead. Just like Juliet.

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