Cult is a mode just like revolution except now its with Acult magic.

Acult Magic? WHAT?Edit

Cult mode introduces Arcane Tomes and Runes. Arcane Tomes are basically to you your best item. They allow you to make runes. Different runes have different effects and different cultists needed around them to work. A cultist should ALWAYS be as evasive and secret as a changeling.

Due to the common incompetence of your allies your commonly never going to accomplish your goal. Onto that..

'Summon the Darklord,NAR-SIE 'Your goals.Edit

Your main goal is normally to eithier:

Summon Nar-Sie(AL

Cultist Rune example. Clown Crayon Rune Example.


'Sacrafaice x,the xx'

'Make sure some cultists escape!'

Basic Runes:

Convert: Neccesary way to make someone a cultist.

Obscure: Neccesary to hide runes for stealth.

Reveal: Neccesary to find runes which your friends have obscured.

Good Tricks:

Astral Journey+Manifest Ghost=Body Transfer. Make one of your cultists a Captain!

Drain Blood+Obscure= A room which drains health and is completely hidden!

Bad Tricks:

Manifest ghost room= .. Ghosts probably will not crowd around a room with dead bodies and runes to make them real and deadly


Defiant Allies/Cultists


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