What is Space Station 13?Edit

Space Station 13 is a 2D game, based around Atmospherics, coded on the completely shitty Byond Gaming Client.

How do I take someone's clothes/handcuffs off?Edit

To remove an item of clothing, or the handcuffs somebody, stand next to said person. Click on their mob (Player/person) and hold your left mouse button. Holding the mouse button stills, drag it over to your own mob, and release. A list should appear on your screen. Click the item of clothing you wish to remove, and wait patiently. Please, click the item once, and only once.

I'm being attacked by someone and I don't know if they're a Round Villain or not!Edit

If you find yourself in this situation, quite simply adminhelp. This can be done by navigating to the tab named 'Admin', and clicking the verb titled 'Adminhelp'. Type your situation with the name of the person attacking you, and an admin will look into the matter as quickly as possible. If you do not receive a response after a few minutes of waiting, resend your adminhelp.

OOC: Ulric McGrief: huw d00 i admun halp?!11one1!1Edit

By clicking the tab titled 'Admin', and clicking the verb titled 'Adminhelp', you may type a message that will be directly broadcasted to the Administrators. You can use "F1" as a shortcut. Only use this for legitimate issues or questions!

I'm not sure if there's any admunz online! Wat do?!!!11one!11Edit

Do not fear! Navigate to the admin tab and click the tab titled 'Adminwho'. In your chat box, a list of admins currently online will appear. If it simply reads, 'Current Admins Online:' with no names, this may mean that admin is invisible or that their are no admins online, but do not fear their is a for forum where you can use if you wish to press the issue here. Please do not post in round information in the forums since that can lead to IC in OOC to OOC in IC.

How do I join the Firedome?Edit

Proper instructions are here. Please ask adminhelp and request a duel (can be accepted or denied).

I want to try coding/mapping. Can you send me your source?Edit

Unfortunately, our source is not open, and at the current moment in time, we have no plans to make it open source. However, you can download the latest /tg/ station build and map/code using that! The /tg/ station build can be found here.

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