IFWT scuba tank


They are a wonderful thing when the AI thinks that Air is toxic to humans, or the Virologist let the Flu slip, might also be that scientist with the plasma tank; who knows. All you and I know is that air is important, and you need some portable air. Unless you're a Plasmatoid and you need portable PLASMA!

Setting them upEdit

First you need to have a Gas Mask (Voice changers work too) or a breath mask, the latter will be in your patented Centcomm survival box, as will be step two. The next thing you'll want is that blue cylindrical looking thing with a nozzle on it in your box. First, put your chosen mask on the "Mask" slot, which is just above your RIGHT hand. Then take out your handy Emergency Oxygen Tank(Or plasma tanks if you're Plasmatoid), and click on it. Optimal pressure is the lucky number 21 16. Click on "Open" and you will have a working set of air, your OWN air.

A few notesEdit

  • Emergency storage is just west of the theater, and everyone has access. You can use the oxygen canister in there to fill up your tank, just click it with the tank in your hand, set the output to max, open the valve, let it fill, close the valve, and remove the tank.
  • Your oxygen tank will keep working if you drop it, as long as you don't move away from it.
  • Internals are 100% necessary to survive the virology airlock decontamination chamber.
  • If you notice yourself gasping with internals, don't bother fumbling with the valve, trying to turn it off. You've only got about twenty seconds from your first gasp to going unconcious. Just toss it across the room.
  • The blue lockers built into the walls in most rooms have a mask and tank for emergencies, but you'll want to fill the tank as quickly as possible or it won't last long.
  • The clown and mime mask work as gasmasks. Don't ask.

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