Janitorial Closet

The Janitor's closet.

The Janitor

So you "lucked out" and got the janitor role! Never fret, for the janitor can be the station's Dark Knight, or their worst nightmare. Your job is to clean up the station. Blood stains are inevitable, and your trusty mop will be your weapon to fight them with.

Job RoleEdit

As a Janitor your expected job duties are...

  • Clean up any messes you find around the station with your mop. (Make sure to use signs BEFORE you start mopping up, lest you be on the beating end of a security officer's stun baton.)
  • Repair any small scale damage you find around the station. For example, broken lights and grilles both fall under your discretion. However larger scale hull breaches should be handled by an engineer.
  • Catch players with your mousetraps. 

Tools and tricks of the tradeEdit

As a janitor you should start in a small closet on the south-west corner of the centeral "O" that the bridge is contained in.

At the start of the round this room contains:

  • one mop
  • two boxes of spare lightbulbs
  • a locker containing wet floor signs and spare janitor gear
  • a locker containing a biosuit
  • a box of mouse traps
  • a disposal unit
  • a water cart
  • a bucket
  • a mop bucket
  • a bottle of space cleaner
  • three cleaning grenades

Lots of Jobs!

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