Jobs 3


In Space Station 13 your role and duty is defined by your job. Each field has a head listed first, click on the job name to get more information.


The Captain is here to be a condom make sure his station is running smoothly, and to defend the Nuclear

The Captain

Authentication Disc from pesky Syndicate agents.


Security are the defenders of the station, here to protect the inhabitants from threats, and each other. Mainly each other.

  • Security Officer

    Left to right, Security Guard, Head of Security, Warden, Detective


Anyone in the maintenance/engineering occupations are listed below. People in engineering/maintinance are here to keep this hunk of steel super glue'd together. And stop it from being torn in two by a void of nothingness.




Medical crewmen and research crewman are listed below. These people are the reason we are here, research is why. Medical people keep us alive, and researchers.. Do sciency stuff.

Civil Service

Occupations under the Civil Service are below. Most Civil Service occupations are generally there to make your life on the station as much less hellish as possible. The Clown is supposed to help give you laughs and chuckles, Chef is to feed you, etc etc. The locations where all of these occupations reside is normally for recreational activitys and to consume time.

Special Roles

The jobs listed here are, as the title suggests, special roles.


Our machine overlords friends!


The job of the Antagonists is to generally accomplish a mission, this can be anything from stealing the blueprints to the station or assassinating one of the crew members, there are many approaches to take in being an Antagonist. Such as stealth or a full out assault.

Perseus Private Military Corp.

A Private Military Corporation contracted to help protect the station.


These are the non human roles on the station.