Law Office

Your office, nice and cozy.

You've chosen to be a lawyer! This guy is generally ignored and almost never gets his job done, but don't fret! With this guide you should be yelling at Security because they won't let you talk with your client in no time!


You're the lawyer, meaning you have to defend the people who were wrongfully imprisoned, it's your civil duty to help every single one.

You come equipped with a myriad of snazzy different colored suits, and several briefcases. Briefcases blur vision and do not show the attack message to anyone but you and the attacked if you target the head. (useful if your client won't shut the hell up, the ungrateful bastard.)

You also have with you a security headset and a universal recorder (useful if you want someone to confess to you and you need proof to show the Judge if you're prosecuting the criminal scum.

Being a bad lawyerEdit

So you're a traitor lawyer, eh? Don't gib yourself with C4 just yet, you have a great way to both get rid of both targets, and to get items. Here's how.

Plant evidence, convict the "traitor" and have him executed, keep his stuff as your reward for a mistrial well done, no one suspects you now, and you finished your objective to boot!

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