Ah, the library. Sanctuary of knowledge, bomb shelter, boxing ring, and cigar club, all in one! Inside, you'll find a bunch of shelves which start(and usually stay) empty, tables and dice for you and all the other little nerdlings to play your extreme sudden death strip D&D matches, A couple vents, a universal recorder, The book binder, and the library computer.

To publish your amazing twilight meets naruto fanfic, use a pen on a sheet of paper, then put the finished paper into the book binder in the northeast corner to produce a book. Take the book and beg the librarian to scan it and add it to the archive, and then celebrate!

Doubtless, your droves of fans will want to come get thier autographed copies, so go ask the barman for some formal attire so you can look your best for the big event. Remember, people will respond more favorably if you announce the signing over the radio in ALL CAPS, as many times as you can.


Central: Bridge, Captain's Quarters, Head of Personnel's Office, Vault, EVA, Teleporter, AI Upload, AI Core, AI Satellite

Recreational: Library, Theater, Bar, Kitchen, Dormitory, Fitness Room, Chapel, Firedome

Engineering: Engine, Assembly Line, Atmospherics, Maintenance, Technical Storage, Solars, Construction Area, Vacant Office

Research: Toxins, Xenobiology, Virology, Medical Bay, Genetics, Chemistry

Security: Brig, Coutroom, Law Office, Detective's Office, Security Checkpoint, Vbrig, Mycenae

Supply: Cargo Bay, Mining, Botany, Primary Tool Storage, Custodial Closet, Auxillary Storage

Non-Nano: Derelict, Syndicate Shuttle, Wizard Shuttle, Interstellar

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