"Tali'Zorah nar Rayya" from mass effect

What's a Quarian?

One may ask, what is a Quarian and why are they populating our station? The Quarian [from the epic video game, Star Wars: Electric Boogaloo] are aliens born into CentComm and remain ever studious of it's laws.

Quarians have been a great help in the construction of the Liberty Station, and found great hope in the station. On our station, you may find a various amount of Quarians. However, there have been major controversy over if they should be considered human or not as they declared themselves Quarian. An AI might even kill these beings for their race.

How Does One Become a Quarian?Edit

To be a Quarian, you must be born through mating from Quarian parents. However, there have been imitative wear found in Engineering and the Theatre of Quarian outfit, you may find one in those locations.

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