From left to right: emergency oxygen tank, extended-capacity emergency oxygen tank, air tank, plasma tank, jetpack Second row: portable air scrubber, -air pump, canister, pressure tank, stationary air scrubber

A tank is an object that can contain any type of gas. Tanks come in different sizes (volumes) and colors. Many of them can be carried in your hand, some even on your belt, others on your back. Those are necessary for Internals and one of the most important tools of Atmospheric Technicians and jobs working under near-zero pressure conditions.

Volume vs PressureEdit

Tanks have different volumes and pressure. Volume is the size of a tank in liters and pressure the amount of gas per size unit in kilo Pascal. Thus the amount of gas inside a container is its volume multiplied by its gas pressure.

Canisters are very large tanks that usually come with highly pressurized gas and as such can be used to quickly refill a high number of smaller tanks. To do so, simply left click on a canister with a tank in your hand to attach it. Click again to open the refill menu.


A single floor tile is considered 1*1*2.5m in size and as such has a volume of 2500 liters.

Type Volume
Emergency oxygen tank 3
Extended-capacity emergency oxygen tank 6
Gas tanks, jetpacks 70
Portable scrubber 750
Canisters 1000
Pressure tanks 1620
Portable air pump 2500
Stationary scrubber 30000

Both emergency tanks can be carried in the pocket or on a belt given a proper suit, tanks and jetpacks can be carried on your back.



Tank storage unit

Oxygen and hazardous gas tanks can both be dispensed from tank storage units. Many tanks and canisters with different content can be found in maintenance tunnels, atmospherics and science areas as well as E.V.A., the mining station and other places that provide space suits.