"I didn't notice her rank until it was too late" -- Officer Grimoirth

Today, I had a pretty bad round. Mischievous Tim was running around, completing his objective of attaining thermals killing everyone. I dressed in a grey jumpsuit in a attempt to remove any attention to myself. I entered the brig to find Alexia West choking a clown and a doctor to death. Me and Officer Grimorith detained her. He then decided to shoot me, cuff me, and declare me "Tresspassing!" before running off. I then nearly had my ID stolen, and I managed to get out of the brig with all of my belongings. As i'm looking for SOMEBODY to remove these cuffs, I come upon the worst person I can come upon, Tim. "FUUUUUUUUUUUCK" goes through my head, as I write very angry adminhelp's to Pessime (While being murdered by Tim.)

Sometimes luck is just not on my side. :(

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