The Virologist.Edit

You've decided what is most likely the least appreciated R&D job on the station. But don't give up, your job is still important. They'll all come crawling back to you when the rest of the crew are infected.

Your job area.Edit

Right, so, your quarters are at the very bottom of R&D. The only thing further aft in this area is the Bomb Testing chamber. And that's only to keep the explosions away from the rest of the station.

  • You have the main research area which contains a secure vault, (you'll need to set a code for this) a special Level 3 Biohazard containment suit with a fancy biohazard symbol on the back, some syringes and beakers, some spaceacillin and space cleaner, two virus culture bottles, a Pan.D.E.M.I.C 3000, a standard Medical Closet, and a disposal unit.
  • Then you have the break area. If you are roleplaying, you will remove your biohazard suit before entering the break room, and not bring anything contaminated (used syringes, culture bottles, etc.) into the area. This contains a gas tank, a bed, a microwave and a box of donk pockets.
  • There's a monkey storage room. Exactly what it says on the tin.
  • An examination room. Also exactly as named.
  • There is a Quarantine room. This is the general experimentation room, where you will pull the monkeys to in order to experiment with the different viruses at your disposal. This is also the room which you get the AI to siphon the air from in case of deadly viruses.

Your Job on the Station.Edit

Your job generally entails infecting a monkey with a virus, waiting for the disease to reach its highest stage, and then curing the monkey of said disease. Then you will take a blood sample, put it in a beaker, and place it in the Pan.D.E.M.I.C 3000 to produce a vaccine from the harvested antibodies. This vaccine will then never be used, since nobody cares about preventing disease on this station.


  • As in Real Life, the job of the Virologist is to research the virus, not to vaccinate people. Leave this to the medical staff and get back to work.
  • The airlock was recently fixed, it is no longer an airlock. You access it as you would any other area, by either walking into or clicking the doors. Remember roleplay, having both doors open at the same time may cause disease outbreak in the station.
  • Remember, you can order new viruses from the quartermaster. The quartermaster probably won't approve such an order though.

Lots of Jobs!

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Maintenance: Chief Engineer, Station Engineer, Atmospheric Technician, Quartermaster, Cargo Technician, Shaft Miner

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